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ProdiJIG: The Revolution – Irish dancing as you’ve never seen it

Is it just us, or are Irish dancers getting cooler than they used to be?

Gone are the days of the formal, upright performers dancing to a traditional Irish fiddle. Not that there was anything wrong with that, days but these days you get a bit more.

ProdiJIG: The Revolution - Irish dancing as you've never seen it

World Champion Irish dancer Alan Kenefick and his group ProdiJIG are the leaders of this new genre of modern Irish dancing.

Cork-born Kenefick adds an edge to his routines which are a merge of Irish and street dance and are usually performed to current upbeat R’n’B or dance music.
The results are outstanding.

ProdiJIG rose to prominence in 2012 when they won Sky TV’s talent contest Got To Dance. Since then they have gone from strength to strength with their aptly named show ProdiJIG: The Revolution.

Here is a taster of their style.

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  1. Although i live far away in South Africa, my heart still longs for Ireland. The ancestral calling is evident when i watch the Irish dance.
    How i long for the place of my roots!

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