ProdiJIG stun TG4 audience with Irish dance routine

ProdiJIG on TG4

Leading Irish dance group ProdiJIG have created a new video to celebrate TG4’s 20th Anniversary show.
The routine is a fantastic blend of traditional Irish and modern dance, and is brought to life with the stunning soundtrack and energetic performances.
ProdiJIG on TG4
TG4 is an Irish speaking channel, and was launched back in 1996. The gig was extra special for ProdiJIG’s lead choreographer Alan Kenefick, as it was a return to the channel where it all began for him.
He explained: “I have a soft spot for this channel as I did my first ever choreography on a talent contest called An Jig Gig. We won that show and it inspired me to keep moving forward as a choreographer.
The TG4 performance uses a remix of Mind of a Beast, by The Glitch Mob. It is an incredibly powerful piece of music, and Kenefick has seen it work as a great soundtrack to his Irish dance videos in the past.
In 2015, Kenefick starred along with Kieran Hardiman and Ciaran Plummer in Freedom, which also had Mind of a Beat as the soundtrack, and it was one of the most spectacular Irish dance videos of the year.
Kenefick told us: “I feel this is one of my better choreographies I have done. The music is so powerful and it is a real challenge to live up to the energy that the tune gives off. It was an honour to perform at this event as our President Michael D. Higgins was also there.
“When this TV channel started nobody was Irish dancing to this kind of music so I’m very grateful and thankful to be given the chance to show the Irish public and our President our modern version of Irish dance.”
Take a look at the performance for yourself.

Written by Andrew Moore