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Post Malone joins Jimmy Fallon for traditional Irish sing-song

Music superstar Post Malone joined Jimmy Fallon for a traditional Irish sing-song, and two of them put on a great show.

The songwriter was a guest on the popular talk show and after discussing his success and plans in the music business, Malone joined Fallon at a bar table for a song.

Post Malone joins Jimmy Fallon for traditional Irish sing-song

Both men looked the part int heir smart suits and they were backed up by a full band.

With a pint of beer in hand, Fallon began the singalong with the opening verse of the traditional Irish folk song Seven Drunken Nights.

The two men sang the chorus together, before Malone performed solo the second verse and they continued to pass the lead vocals back and forth.

There was a great atmosphere in the studio, with the audience clapping along and Fallon and Malone grinning and laughing at each other.

Fallon has always celebrated his Irish heritage, with his ancestors originally from Galway.

Malone has no Irish link his immediate family but has said that he has always been a big fan of Irish trad music.

He even showed he has a natural flair for the Irish accent in his pronunciation of Thursday during one of his verses.

Take a look at the video.

Seven Drunken Nights is one of the most popular and well-known traditional Irish folk tunes.

It was made famous by the legendary Dubliners in the 1960s and has since been recorded and performed by countless musicians and singers.

Find out more about the history of Seven Drunken Nights.

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