‘Pint baby’ speaks about famous Guinness clip

Steven Barron speaks about the 'pint baby' video, which recently went viral

The ‘pint baby’ who became an internet star thanks to a clip that is nearly two decades old has spoken about the video.
Kildare man Steven Barron was filmed having a sip of Guinness when he was a youngster and the video recently went viral after reporter Cian McCormack tracked him down.

Barron is now 20 years old and hopes to become a blacksmith. When asked about the famous video he said: “I don’t really mind(the attention), I’d rather be called Steven than pint baby though.

“I suppose everyone can relate to it, I’m sure I’m not the only one, I’m just the only one who got filmed doing it.
“I’m 20, I work part time and any of the other time I’m usually doing hobbies and stuff.”
Barron’s mother Caroline has received criticism for the video, but she has had her say.
She said: “There was filming going on in the pub, we were there, there was great fun and atmosphere and craic, Stephen was sitting on my knee and he took a shine to a pint of Guinness.
“It was only a drop of Guinness, there’s plenty of parents even to this day that would do it, there’s no harm in it, he’s turned out perfectly fine and there’s no bother on him.
“It’s not like it is a usual occurrence, it was just a one off thing and a camera happened to be there. I think the reaction to be it has been very good. It was the last thing we were expecting.”
Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling