Photographer captures stunning pictures of Northern Lights

A photographer has achieved his dream and captured the incredible Northern Lights on film.

Noel Keating of Co Donegal endured night after night of freezing wind and rain on the cliffs of Slieve League, determined to witness and record the natural phenomenon.

Northern Lights

He finally achieved his dream and has produced a moving YouTube video of the breath-taking sight.

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The Northern Lights are a stunning sight when witnessed first-hand. Their scientific name is Aurora Borealis. An aurora is a naturally occurring display of lights in the sky, caused by charged particles entering the atmosphere.

Keating explains in his video how he waited night after night in the cold wind up on Slieve League in Co Donegal. Eventually, after several lonely nights, he finally got what he was waiting for on 17th March 2015.

Watch the video below.

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