Peter O’Toole leaves daughter out of his will

Peter O'Toole left his estranged daughter out of his will

Peter O’Toole died seven months ago and this week the details of his will revealed that he didn’t leave a penny of his fortune to one of his daughters.

The Irish actor had just over £4m and shared it between his daughter Kate, son Lorcan, granddaughter Jessica and his assistant.

However, his youngest daughter Patricia was left out of the will. Patricia and her father had been estranged for years prior to his death.

It isn’t known why they were estranged or whether Patricia spent time with her father when he was battling his illness.

However, she did attend his funeral and waltzed down the aisle with her sister Kate, just as Peter had done at his mother’s funeral.

Patricia didn’t wish to discuss the will as it was a private matter. She told the media: “I appreciate it is interesting to the public, but it is a personal and family matter. I do not wish to make any comment.”

O’Toole did mention in his will that many years earlier he had given Patricia a 25% stake in his company Keep Films Ltd. Records show the 25% is actually owned jointly by Patricia and Kate. The company is worth just over £600,000.

O’Toole had a long and distinguished acting career. He is perhaps best remembered for his starring role in the film Lawrence of Arabia.

He also helped to introduce the traditional Irish song Carrickfergus to a younger generation of fans.

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