Peter Kay sings traditional hymns as rock songs

Peter Kay sings traditional hymns as rock songs

British comedy legend Peter Kay appeared on the Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy and spoke about his love for Ireland.

The Bolton funnyman is from an Irish family and revealed he has owned a house in Roscommon for years, but doesn’t like to talk about it in case he gets robbed!

Peter Kay sings traditional hymns as rock songs

Kay is one of the Britain’s finest comedians and has a legion of fans thanks to his vast body of work which includes numerous stand-up routines, sit-coms and mockumentaries.

Kay was cracking jokes the moment he sat down on The Late Late Show sofa, and had the audience in stiches with his tales from his experiences in Ireland.

He revealed that he gets more privacy than back home in England, with people generally leaving him alone.

However, Kay added that when Irish people do recognise him, they simply come up to him and say: “You’re somebody aren’t you?!”

He also talked about his visit to Knock Shrine, where he witnessed a man taking a wash in the holy water.

Kay said he bought a two litre bottle of the holy water himself, only for it to leak inside his suitcase.

He joked: “At least my clothes were blessed!”

Kay was on great form as he also told stories about visiting his relatives in the north, and having to buy an emergency suit for a funeral when he was on holiday.

The conversation moved on to the possibility of Kay releasing an album one day, as many of his fellow comics have done in recent years.

He was unsure as to what sort of songs he could sing, before deciding that hymns would be the best fit.

He said: “There’s some belting hymns, brilliant hymns. When I was an altar boy the hymns were brilliant. I’d do big band hymns.”

Kay then burst into song with the help of the show’s resident band. After a few warm up songs, he went for the big finish with Make Me a Channel of Your Peace.
Take a look below.

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