Parents unite to end NekNomination craze

Say No to NekNomination. Image Copyright Ireland Calling.

Parents across the world have called for an end to the NekNomination craze which has led to the deaths of several young people.

Say No to NekNomination. Image Copyright Ireland Calling.

The craze involves teenagers and young adults filming themselves drinking huge amounts of alcohol, posting the video online and then nominating someone else to better it.

Last week we published the story of how Kieren Hunter’s mother Nikki was so shocked and frightened that young people were taking part in this potentially lethal game, that she took a photo of her son unconscious and covered in his own vomit. She posted the picture online to warn others of the dangers.

Her actions have provoked a heated debate on our Facebook page, with parents arguing whether publicising Kieren’s stunt was the correct thing to do. Many people have been critical of Nikki, saying that her extreme response was over the top.

Everyone, however, was united in calling for an end to NekNomination.

‘I sure as heck don’t like seeing this’

Will Walsh posted: “This picture will follow this young lad for years to come and may possibly affect college or job applications. Dreadful parenting expecting the backlash from social media to teach her son or others a lesson.”
Diane MacKenzie said: “Embarrass him? I don’t like this form of parenting. I sure as heck don’t like seeing this.”

However, Nikki has received support from many parents who agree that posting the picture will shock youngsters and warn them of the dangers of NekNominations.

Anne Connolly Finnegan said: “A mother will do what she has to do. I support her completely.”Kieren Hunter unconscious after taking part in a NekNomination challenge.
Elaine Wood added: “Evidently this NekNomination thing is kids drinking and posting in an effort to see who can drink the most. They only see it as a game, not as a potential health risk. Young people are dying from this “game”, so I think she did the right thing!”

‘Stop the madness to save our kids’

Whether or not they support Nikki, everyone agreed that NekNominations is a dangerous and stupid game and that action needs to be taken to stop it.

Warren Patterson posted: “I don’t understand this? So you play this game online? When we played drinking games it was really social and we all sat around a table with dice or cards. If you’re doing it online there is no end. You don’t see the vomit or the person who pushed too hard. You can’t help if needed. Poor kids today will lose something by using the internet in such a way.”

James Arnold added: “All children and teens need direction – We ourselves and society must stop the madness to save our kids.”

Fran Tornabene said: “I can most certainly understand her motive, which was driven from fear. I won’t say whether it was right or wrong, but I would imagine, or at least hope, it will wake up some parents!”

NekNominations have already taken the life of several young people around the world, including of two in Ireland. Another young man died recently in London after consuming a lethal cocktail of vodka, whiskey, lager and wine as part of a NekNomination challenge.