Orangutan chick rescue gets 1m YouTube views

alt="Orangutan rescues chick. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling"

An orangutan at Dublin Zoo has delighted more than a million viewers on YouTube after he was filmed rescuing a baby chick from a pond and placing it down on the bank to check it was OK.

The amazing sequence, that took place several years ago, was recorded by a tourist and has become a YouTube hit.

Orangutan rescues chick. Image Copyright - Ireland Calling

Jorong, an adult male Bornean orangutan, was sat by the pond when the tiny chick caught his eye and he leant over to investigate. He watched as the chick seemed to be struggling in the water and reached down with a leaf, presumably for the chick to climb on to for a lift back to dry land.

Dozens of thrilled spectators watched as Jorong tried to help the chick to safety by repeatedly holding out the leaf.
However, after a few failed rescue missions he realised that the chick was unable to climb up out of the water.

Instead, Jorong reached down and lifted the chick out with his hand before plonking it down on the grass.
The giant beast, which can grow to weigh as much as 100kg, took great care when handling the bird and sat over it to study it further and make sure it was OK.

A spokesperson for the zoo said: “He had a lovely nature, was always a little inquisitive and very gentle which you can tell from the clip.”

Jorong lived in Dublin from 1996 until he was transferred to Dudley Zoo in 2008. The video showing his compassionate side has now got more than 1million views online.

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