Bitcoin, Wonder Woman, Trump – what Ireland has been searching online this year

what Ireland has been searching online this year

Google has revealed the most common searches from Ireland in 2017, and you won’t be surprised to find Storm Ophelia was the most searched term.
The extreme storm caused major disruption in Ireland and even claimed lives, so it is no shock that people wanted to find out how to safeguard themselves.what Ireland has been searching online this year
The next most frequent search was Donald Trump, as the Irish looked to find out more about the US President.
The World Cup playoff was the third most common search, although the tie ended in disaster for Ireland after a Christian Eriksen inspired Denmark eased their way into the finals in Russia.
TV show 13 Reasons Why, toy Fidget Spinners and the big fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather also featured in the top ten searched for terms of the year.

Top searches
1. Hurricane Ophelia
2. Donald Trump
3. Ireland v Denmark
4. 13 Reasons Why
5. Fidget Spinner
6. Hurricane Irma
7. Bus Eireann Strike
8. McGregor v Mayweather
9. Eurovision
10. Harvey Weinstein

Most searched How to…
1. make slime
2. watch McGregor v Mayweather
3. lose weight
4. check credit on 3
5. make pancake mix
6. solve the Rubik’s cube
7. open a coconut
8. download on Netflix
9. bleed radiators
10. register to vote

Most searched What is…?
1. the antikythera mechanism?
2. a hurricane?
3. bitcoin?
4. a pangolin?
5. a tracker mortgage?
6. the confederation cup?
7. covfefe?
8. daca?
9. a teleporter?
10. a fidget spinner?

Most searched movies
1. Dunkirk
2. It
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. La La Land
5. Justice League
6. Wonder Woman
7. Blade Runner 2049
8. Murder on the Orient Express
9. Logan
10. Baby Driver

Elsewhere the people of Ireland were desperate to know how to make pancakes, open a coconut, bleed radiators and register to vote.
The country also wanted to know more about La La Land, Dunkirk and several other big movies of the year, and all the top sports events.
Making slime was also of interest to many, as well as bitcoin, teleporters, the Bus Eireann Strike, Eurovision, losing weight and much more.

Most searched sport
1. Ireland v Denmark
2. McGregor v Mayweather
3. Cheltenham
4. Confederations Cup
5. Ireland V Wales
6. RBS 6 Nations
7. Ireland v South Africa
8. Tour de France
9. All-Ireland Hurling
10. Galway Races

Most searched recipes
1. Spaghetti Bolognaise
2. Chilli Con Carne
3. Beef Stroganoff
4. Guacamole
5. Pavlova
6. Banana Bread
7. Pancakes
8. Scones
9. Banoffee Pie
10. Fish Pie

Written by Andrew Moore