Ocean’s 8 cast try to do an Irish accent

Ocean's 8 cast try to do an Irish accent

The Hollywood all-star cast of Ocean’s 8 were in town to promote the latest movie in the heist franchise, and got talking about how to do an Irish accent.

Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson were invited by Joe.ie to come and chat about the all-female sequel to the Ocean’s 11 series.
Ocean's 8 cast try to do an Irish accent

Interviewer Rory Cashin pointed out that the cast for the first few Ocean’s films featured some of the coolest stars in Hollywood, and the characters based on the coolest actors in Hollywood history.

He asked the ladies who they thought were the ‘coolest actress from the history of Hollywood’.

Gena Rowlands was immediately put forward by all three along with a few other contenders.

The conversation then moved on to accents. Cate Blanchett famously did an impressive Irish accent in the title role Veronica Guerin.

In Ocean’s 8, Helena Bonham Carter puts on an Irish accent for her role. The three stars revealed that Bonham Carter had an Irish hair and make-up team, which helped her fine tune the accent each morning.

The three actresses began attempting to do their own Irish accent, led by the experienced Blanchett.

For professional Hollywood actresses, they are not too bad, although none of them seem to be able to keep a convincing Irish accent up for long, mainly because they are cracking up at each other.

Take a look for yourself below.

Written by Andrew Moore