Nolan Sisters say they are still hopeful of meeting their long-lost sibling

Nolan Sisters

The Nolan Sisters have revealed that they are still hoping to meet their long-lost half-sister who they only found out about when they were in their 20s.

The stars’ father had an extramarital affair in 1952 and his partner had given birth to a baby girl.

During the 2020 series of At Home With the Nolans, the singing sisters thought they may have been on the right track.

Linda and Maureen had appealed to listeners of Ray D’Arcy’s radio show for help in finding their sibling and Maureen added her DNA record to a database.

She said: “Our missing sister has always been on my mind. When I was younger, I thought I had years to find her, but now I’m in my sixties and Anne is approaching 70, if we don’t find her now we might never find her.”

An Irishwoman got in contact with them to let them know she was also searching for her long-lost family.

Unfortunately, a DNA test revealed that a potential sister was not actually a relative.

That has not stopped the sisters in their search and they are as determined as ever to make contact.

Linda told the Six O Clock Show: “It was very exciting towards the end of the last series At Home with the Nolans because we’d thought we’d found the girl.

“Coleen and Maureen had spoken to this lady, and she has been searching all her life to find her father’s family. She was lovely.

“She said, ‘I know you’re the Nolan sisters and it’s amazing but it’s just amazing for me to know that I might have found my family’.

“Sadly for us and for her, when they got the DNA in, it didn’t match with ours so she wasn’t our sister.

“As Coleen and Maureen said we’d love her to have been because she was such a lovely woman with a family.

“We wish her luck in her search.

“Our DNA is still out there somewhere. We’re still going to be looking.”


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