Ninja Warrior daughter and dad are too cute

Ninja Warrior daughter and dad are too cute

A five-year-old girl has shown she is one to watch out for in the future as she takes on a complete Ninja Warrior obstacle course which was built in her back garden by her dad.

Lylah is ready to take on the course with her ‘Girls are superstars’ shirt on and her dad is set with his video camera to record her record-breaking attempt.

The video shows Lylah tackle all sorts of weird and wonderful obstacles which must have taken her father hours to put together.

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All through the video, Lylah’s dad is commentating on her progress in the style of the challenge show Ninja Warrior – the family are clearly massive fans.

The video is fantastic and has warmed the hearts of thousands who have watched it online.

Viewers are full of praise for both Lylah and her dad for the efforts they have made to make each other proud.

Take a look for yourself below.

Written by Andrew Moore