Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan still worries about money after years of having none

Nicola Coughlan

Irish star Nicola Coughlan has revealed that she still fears being broke, even after years of huge international success.

The Galway actress has seen her career go from strength to strength after starring roles in huge TV series such as Derry Girls and Bridgerton.

However, the memory of her years before hitting the bigtime are never far away and Coughlan admits that she still hasn’t got used to having money to spend on a whim without worrying.

She told RTÉ Guide: “That fear of having nothing is still there. I was in debt with student loans, I was working minimum wage and the rent was so high.

“I only got Derry Girls five years ago so it’s not long since I’ve been able to go and buy a coffee and not have a panic attack.

“So, I reckon I’ll have a few more years of thinking ‘I hope I have some money in my bank account’.”

The star doesn’t take her success for granted and says that the yeas she spent without money help her to keep her feet on the ground now she is enjoying the fruits of her hard work.

Coughlan added: “You know what it’s like not to have all those things and you know how hard you’ve worked to get there.

“So, for me to even be on a set is a privilege, to get an audition is a privilege because for years I couldn’t even get in an audition room.

“I still wonder, ‘How did this happen?’ Even at the BAFTAS I was wondering ‘Why am I in a room with all these people?’

“So, I do feel like I’ve won a competition but that’s something a lot of people in the industry grapple with, women more than men I believe.”

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