Niall Horan reveals Brad Pitt would be his ideal drinking buddy

Niall Horan and Brad Pitt

Niall Horan has revealed that the person he would love to go on a night out with is Hollywood legend Brad Pitt.

The Irish star made the comments in a tweet after Pitt won his first Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

During Pitt’s acceptance speech he was critical of Republican senators who had voted against calling new witnesses to President Trump’s impeachment trial.

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Niall Horan and Brad Pitt

Pitt told the audience: “They told me I only have 45 seconds up here, which is 45 seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week

“I’m thinking maybe Quentin [Tarantino] does a movie about it. In the end, the adults do the right thing.”

While this drew criticism from some quarters, there were also a number of viewers who were impressed with Pitt for speaking out.

One of those viewers was the former One Direction singer turned solo star.

Horan tweeted: “I’d love to go for a pint with Brad Pitt.”

Several of his followers thought it was a great idea – and wanted to join them on the night out.

Nicholas Light said: “How about the 3 of us go for a Pint? Drinks on me.”

Rafa added: “Oh that would be so iconic.”

Letti asked: “What does Brad Pitt have that I don’t?”

Phoebe said: “I’d love to go for a pint with Niall Horan.”

Nadia felt that Pitt was lucky to get such an offer. She said: “Is he your favourite actor? You are better than him trust me.”