New Zealand airline pokes fun at Irish rugby fans

New Zealand airline pokes fun at the Ireland rugby team

The Irish rugby team was the inspiration for a new video from a New Zealand airline who had a bit of a laugh at our expense.

The video was all in good spirit and was released just before the two countries met in the Rugby World Cup quarter finals.

It was posted by Air New Zealand and offered travelling Irish supporters some vital safety tips for when they’re watching the big match.

New Zealand airline pokes fun at the Ireland rugby team

The video was filmed in the style of a safety demonstration from the airline’s cabin crew.

Irish fans were told that after winning two of their previous three games against New Zealand they might be expecting a pleasant journey.

However, they were advised to watch out for turbulence during the game against the All Blacks.

The video cut to a group of Ireland fans sat on the sofa ahead of the big game. The cabin crew continued their advice, telling the fans to make sure they fasten their seatbelts – so they don’t ‘flee for the exits too early’.

Other advice included hiding electronic devices so they are not thrown at the TV screen and sending children away as the language could become a bit too colourful.

They end by saying: “Please remain seated until your disappointment has come to a complete halt.”

Now although the video was only made in good fun, we wish we could say the Ireland team shoved it right back in their faces.

Sadly though, New Zealand were the stronger team, beating Ireland 46-14, and are now odds on favourites to win the World Cup.

At least then Ireland would be able to say they went out to the eventual winners so good luck to the All Blacks for the rest of the tournament.

Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community