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New York Times has high praise for Ireland’s ‘most charming city’

The New York Times sent a travel reporter over to Ireland and have now published an article about the country’s ‘most charming city’.

The article was part of the American newspaper’s ’36 hours’ series which sees them spend a day and a half in a city and take in what it has to offer.

In their latest article, they visited Ireland’s ‘most romantic city’ – Galway.

New York Times article full of praise for Ireland’s ‘most charming city’

The reporter really enjoyed her time in the city and said that it was ‘welcoming and walkable and filled to the brim with old-fashioned pubs and excellent seafood restaurants’.

The review was written by Nell McShane Wulfhart, who really made the most of her time in Galway. Her trip included visits to churches, shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, museums and art exhibitions.

Along the way she enjoyed fish and chips, coffee, wine, and oysters and shopped for products ranging from sweets to tweed clothing to craft beer.

Like many tourists and locals, she made the most of her evenings by visiting some of the local pubs and clubs.

While in Galway’s watering holes she experienced live traditional Irish music, enjoyed the comfort of a cosy open fire and eventually dancing the night away at the Roísín Dubh.
She also took the time to hire a bike and cycle along the Salthill Promenade.

McShane Wulfhart was taken by how the modern and vibrant culture of Galway was intertwined with the city’s centuries old history.

She wrote: “Cozy, old-fashioned pubs showcase the city’s ever-growing selection of craft beers, chefs serve up west-of-Ireland ingredients in creative new ways, and almost every building housing a modern cafe or new atelier has a centuries-old story behind it.

Her overall impression of her time in Galway was that it may just be ‘Ireland’s most charming city’.

She added: “It’s not a city in which to hustle; rather, it’s one in which to enjoy a locally brewed pint, relish the excellent seafood and get your fill of views of the rushing River Corrib as it sweeps out to Galway Bay.”

Click here to read McShane Wulfhart’s full review.

Find out more about Galway and the surrounding area.

Take a look at the following video. It was filmed on Galway’s West End and shows off the family run shops, the local pubs and the vibrant community spirit of the area.

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  1. I loved visiting Galway, but I really love Cong which isn’t that far away. Ireland is a beautiful country.

  2. I’m from Galway,I came here 11 -22-61,when people ask me where do I come from always,always say the best part,it’s a young town and I lived twelve and half miles from the city on the Connemara side, a village named Rosscahill,I’m glad you had a nice time

  3. Am a Derryman first and foremost, but Galway I love ….

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