New Guinness ad takes us into the famous brewery

New Guinness advert - part of ‘In Pursuit of More’ series

The new Guinness advert, that takes us on a mini tour of the brewery, made its first appearance on Irish and British television screens yesterday.

The advert is the first in a new series called ‘In Pursuit of More’. The series gives a behind the scenes look at the brewery, showing us how the stout is made and introducing some of the people that make it.

The new advert is directed by Philip Montgomery and narrated by Irish movie star Cillian Murphy. It takes us on a Guinness worker’s journey to work as we see him cycling across Dublin and through the entrance at the famous St James’s Gate Brewery.

New Guinness advert - part of  ‘In Pursuit of More’ series

We then go inside the building and see some workers and ingredients that produce the beer. We are told how the company grew, building train tracks and commissioned a fleet of ships to help them sell their product all over the world.

Many of the workers have followed in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents.

Murphy later tells us that the company are only in the 255th year of a 9,000 year lease and that they have a lot more beer to make.

Guinness marketing director Stephen O’Kelly told Marketing Magazine: “St. James’s Gate is a community of people driven by a passion for brewing and advancing the high bar set by previous brewers over two centuries ago.

“We’re proud of our past achievements and we’re excited about those to come. We felt it was time to open the gates and let the world see the people who make our beer special.”

The In Pursuit of More series follows Guinness’ previous campaign – Made of More. The made of More campaign was inspiring and very well received. It celebrated the positive side of human nature through a series of short adverts.

The most memorable featured a group of friends playing wheelchair basketball. At the end of the advert we learned that all but one of them were able bodied and had wanted to play a sport that their wheelchair bound friend could also take part.

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