Neeson and Bono working on movie script

Liam Neeson has revealed that he is writing a movie script with U2 star Bono.
Neeson and Bono are two of Ireland’s most famous sons and have been good friends for a number of years. Neeson has previously stated that Bono had been a great support to him and his sons after his wife passed away five years ago.
Liam Neeson nd Bono
The pair have been working on a script for the past six years. The movie, which was Bono’s idea, will be set in Ireland in the 1970s. It will explore the world of Irish showbands, which were a phenomenon at the time.
Bono has taken a lot of inspiration from the 1970s over the last few years. He revealed earlier this week that U2’s latest album, Songs of Innocence, was inspired by 1970s Dublin.
Neeson told the Irish Independent: “We chat, or with him a lot of the time I just listen. He’s a wonderful man. He’s got an idea for a script which we’ve been working on for the past six years.”
While the two Irish stars have a lot of time for each other and plenty in common, Neeson admitted that he doesn’t share Bono’s enthusiasm for new technology.
While Songs of Innocence was automatically given away to iTunes users, a move that received a mixed reaction from fans, Neeson feels no inclination to keep up with the latest technology.
He said: “It terrifies me! I’m fine with this but every month [my sons] are telling me to change to the latest version, and [I say], ‘Oh shut up.’
“But now it’s playing up and I know they’ve put some gremlin in there, saying: ‘Oh, he’s had that phone for two years. It’s time.’ I swear, that’s what they do.”
Neeson didn’t say whether or not he would play a starring role or whether Bono would be likely to make a musical cameo.