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Irish folk singer surprises young fan by sneaking onstage with him

Irish folk singer Nathan Carter made a guest appearance at a performance by one of his young fans at the recent Fleadh Cheoil festival.

Youngster Oscar Everitt is a massive fan of Carter, and as an aspiring singer himself, he was performing in the streets of Drogheda as part of the music festival.

Irish folk singer surprises young fan by sneaking onstage with him

Oscar already had a large crowd gathered as he sang one of Carter’s most famous hits, Wagon Wheel.

Little did Oscar know, Carter was also in town and had already made plans to seek him out and surprise him.

The Liverpool-born singer had previously spoken about Oscar when talking about the Fleadh Cheoil festival.

Carter said: “The atmosphere has been incredible in the town.

“It’s unreal to see all the young kids on the street playing, singing and dancing. It’s really really cool.

“There’s a young lad who actually sings a few of my songs on the street, so I’m hoping to try and meet him later on. Hopefully I can surprise him on the street.”

And that is exactly what Carter did. He found out where he would find Oscar and brought his guitar to join the young star as he performed.

Oscar was halfway through his set and singing Wagon Wheel to the crowd, when Carter snuck up behind him to join in the fun.

It was not just the two singers that had attracted the crowd either, as Oscar was accompanied onstage by a young girl who was clearly a talented Irish dancer.

Carter was full of praise for the festival, and the way it gives youngsters the platform to showcase their talents and gain experience performing to live crowds.

He said: “Young kids like that, you know talented young musicians and dancers, it’s just great to see them getting the chance to show their talents, and I think Drogheda is a great town for it.”

Take a look at the video below.

Hers is another video of the performance from the audience.

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