Mrs Brown’s vote on same-sex marriage referendum

Everyone’s favourite Irish Mammy has had her say on the upcoming same-sex marriage referendum in Ireland.
Mrs Brown has uploaded a video onto YouTube, to urge Irish voters to get out to the polling stations on May 22nd and have their say.
Mrs Brown’s vote on same-sex marriage referendum
The same-sex marriage referendum has been one of the big talking points in Irish politics of 2015. Many argue that in the 21st century Ireland needs to show it is a modern and cosmopolitan country, and allow gay and lesbian marriages to take place.
Others feel that same-sex marriages may compromise traditional family values for future generations.
It has been a hot topic for the past couple of months, and now Mrs Brown has given her opinion. The video begins with her announcing that she would like talk to her audience about “midget equality”, before being informed that the broadcast is supposed to be about gay marriage.
To that she responds: “Any two people who feel in love enough should be allowed to get married! What’s the fecking fuss?
“When I was a young girl, there was a big hoo–haa about mixed marriages, you know Catholics marrying Protestants and black people marrying white people. But you know what? They still went and got married, and the world didn’t end, and we all grew up a little bit, and we all have to grow up a bit now.”
The tone is genuinely sincere as Mrs Brown then explains that she can’t describe the joy she feels at knowing her son Rory (who is gay in the sit-com) has the same opportunity to find happiness as everyone else.
She then recalls that there was once a time when women weren’t allowed to vote, and points out that every generation has a chance to make a difference, and urges her fans to: “Go out and vote.”
Watch for yourself below.

Mrs Brown has been a sensation in Irish and British comedy since it was first broadcast in 2011. Since then, there have been various theatre tours and in 2014 Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie was released.
Mrs Brown is the creation of Dublin writer, actor and comedian Brendan O’Carroll. He has become a household name over the past few years, with regular appearances on chat shows and television documentaries. O’Carroll investigated the murder of his grandfather during the Irish War of Independence in a moving episode of the BBC’s family tree tracing programme Who Do You Think You Are?
He has also revealed that his success with Mrs Brown saved him from bankruptcy after he was let down by a friend and business acquaintance in the past.