Fans either loved or hated Caitlyn Jenner’s appearance on Mrs Brown’s Boys

Caitlyn Jenner appears on Mrs Brown's Boys

American star Caitlyn Jenner delighted fans of Irish comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys – although the humour was a little close to the bone for some viewers.

The reality star made her appearance after meeting Mrs Brown creator Bredan O’Carroll at the UK’s National Television Awards.

Jenner posted an image of her cameo to her Instagram followers back in February, which caused plenty of excitement among fans of the show.

Caitlyn Jenner appears on Mrs Brown's Boys

The episode aired this week and while many fans loved the banter between the pair, some were concerned with how the subject matter was being handled.

One scene saw Jenner and Mrs Brown discussing transgender issues.

Jenner told Mrs Brown: “I’ve had an amazing double life. I’ve been an Olympic decathlon athlete and glamour woman of the year.

“Jealous Agnes?”

Mrs Brown asked the American: “Did you start by dressing up as a woman?”

Jenner replied: “Would you know anything about that, Agnes?

“I did. When you question your identity, it starts at a very young age. Caitlyn was always in there.

“I raised all my children then it was time to do something great for myself — I transitioned late in life.”

Jenner has ten children, a fact which prompted Mrs Brown to tell her: “Thank God you got rid of ‘it’.”

Jenner replied: “I didn’t actually get rid of it, I just retired it.”

Some fans weren’t impressed and even felt the episode reflected badly on Ireland.

One tweeted: “These ‘jokes’ are so low and insulting to not just her but trans women in general. He’s giving her such an awful impression of Ireland as a whole. I’m so embarrassed.”

Another added: “Caitlyn Jenner is too beautiful and dignified for this seedy show.”

A third simply asked: “Why is Brendan O Carroll being so rude to Caitlyn Jenner?”

However, other fans saw the funny side.

One said: “Fantastic show – cheered us all up and once again massive thanks to an amazingly gorgeous family and group of people – love.”

Another added: “Only Mrs Brown can get away with asking Caitlyn Jenner them sorts of questions.”

A third said: “This is exactly the right time to give us all some light entertainment and some laughs. For a little while last night I didn’t think about corona virus and I laughed for the first time in over a week.”

Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community