Take a look inside this incredible minibus converted into a mini home

minibus home

Take a look at this incredibly innovative refurbishment of a standard minibus – into a small mobile home.

The year 2020 was a write off for many people as the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe and forced millions of people to stay at home.

As countries across the world went into lockdown, their citizens were left with an unprecedented amount of time on their hands.

People faced this predicament in various ways. While it was a real struggle for millions of people, some managed to use the time to get creative and productive.

One of those was an Irishman who bought a 1999 Optare Solo from a seller in Co Roscommon.

However, he had no intention of using the minibus for its original purpose.

Instead, he set about turning it into a living area.

The Leitrim man started by taking out all the seating and tiling the floor. He then added new fittings including a sink that works using a foot pump, a gas hob, a stove, a table, shelves, curtains, blinds,cushioned chairs, and a cushioned sofa, which could also double up as a bed.

The sides of the vehicle, as well as the roof and floor are insulated with sheep’s wool, so it wouldn’t get too cold to sleep in during the night.

The living area of the bus is 18 foot by eight foot.

He said that he had intended to live in the mini home but had been unable to find a suitable location.

He has therefore put the vehicle on the market for a mere €4,900.

While the use of space is extremely efficient, there is an electrical fault which means that the bus itself is not currently able to run.

However, the seller says that engine is still working fine.

Take a look at the video and pictures below.

minibus home outside

minibus home inside

minibus home kitchen

minibus home seat

minibus home door


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