Idyllic 19th century Waterford cottage with unique features – take a look inside

Mill Cottage

An idyllic 19th century cottage in Co Waterford has been put on the market and it could be a dream for a buyer who wants to step away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The property is named Mill Cottage and dates back to the 1800s.

It is a one storey bungalow but comes with some interesting and unusual extra features.

For example, the property owner has the opportunity to harness his or her own power from a mill wheel and mill race that is part of the property.

It would help the homeowner with their energy costs, especially with the current prices going through the roof.

Mill Cottage is located in Ballindud, Co Waterford and sits on 1.1 acres of land. Full planning permission has been granted.

The cottage is being sold on

The listing states: “The property was extensively renovated in 2015 and was re-wired, re-plumbed, insulated and presents in excellent condition throughout. The property is framed by the mill wheel and mill race.

“The mill race runs from the property for approximately 5km to the townsland of Kilbride. A purchaser has the opportunity to harness the power from the mill wheel and this energy could be used as a source of electricity for the property.”

The exterior is painted a charming white with pink door and window frames.

Inside is a mixture of traditional and modern with an inbuilt fireplace and tiled flooring in the living room and new applieances and fittings in the kitchen.

Take a look at the pictures below.

For more information visit

Mill Cottage above

Mill Cottage fireplace

Mill Cottage sofa

Mill Cottage kitchen

Mill Cottage bedroom

Mill Cottage bathroom

Mill Cottage loft

Mill Cottage pink door

Mill Cottage back outside

Mill Cottage mill

Mill Cottage, mill house

Mill Cottage, mill house inside

Mill Cottage wall

Mill Cottage tree

Mill Cottage garden

Mill Cottage land


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