Michael Flatley struggling to sell his 'dream home'

Michael Flatley struggling to sell his dream home

Former Lord of the Dance star Flatley is struggling to sell his ‘dream home’ and has now taken it off the market.
The north Cork mansion, Castlehyde House, was expected to sell for between €20m and €30m.
Michael Flatley struggling to sell his dream home
However, a serious buyer could not be found and the next move is to remove is from public sale and try to find a private buyer.
Flatley initially decided to sell the property he once hailed as his “dream home” due to his work commitments. He told the Sunday Independent: “We took the decision to sell Castlehyde but that doesn’t mean that I will be leaving Ireland. I love Ireland with all my heart and I always will.
“But my work commitments are increasingly keeping me in London and in other parts of the world.
“It simply wasn’t an option going forward to have this beautiful house and yet be only able to spend a couple of weeks there every year. It wasn’t right and it wasn’t feasible.”

Flatley purchased Castlehyde House in 2001 for €3m, when it was in near derelict condition. He spent a further €27m restoring it to its former glory, and the result was a magnificent luxury home.
Flatley reportedly beat Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Hugh Grant to the purchase of the house in 2001.
A few years later, King of Pop Michael Jackson offered a ‘name your price’ bid for the property, to which Flatley declined.
However, now he has decided the time is right to move on. He explained: “I’ve had almost 20 years at Castlehyde and it has been a wonderful experience – some of the best times of my life have been spent there.
“That is what made this such a tough decision. There are so many happy memories.”