Hollywood star Michael Fassbender teaches acting class at his old school in Kerry

Michael Fassbender teaches acting class at St Brendan's College

Hollywood star Michael Fassbender has gone back to school for a drama lesson – as a teacher at his own secondary school in Co Kerry that is.

The X Men star delighted pupils at Killarney’s St Brendan’s College when he showed up to teach an acting class.

Fassbender, who has received two Oscar nominations for his roles in 12 Years A Slave and Steve Jobs, is the ideal person to inspire the next generation of Irish actors and actresses.

The star was born in Germany to an Irish mother and German father. The family moved to Kerry when Fassbender was two, where his parents set up a restaurant.

They lived in Fossa, Co Kerry, and Fassbender speaks fluent Irish and German as well as English.

The Magento actor’s return to St Brendan’s to teach a drama group shows he has come full circle as he first started acting when he attended the school.

The school tweeted: “Transition year students today received a drama workshop from past pupil and Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender.

“Students greatly enjoyed the workshop.”

Its not the first time Fassbender has returned to his roots at St Brendan’s. He was back there in 2019 when he arrived in Ireland for Rally of the Lakes in Killarney.

At the time he had a chat with some of the pupils, which he described as ‘an honour’ but now this time he went one better and gave them an acting class they will remember for a lifetime.

It isn’t the first time Fassbender has tried his hand at teaching. In 2020, he joined fellow stars James McEvoy and Sophie Turner to teach them some Irish slang.