Home used as Michael Collins safehouse put up for sale in Dublin

Home used as Michael Collins safehouse put up for sale in Dublin

A Dublin home which played a significant part in Irish history as a safe house used by Michael Collins during the War of Independence has gone up for sale.
The four-bedroom Edwardian property was one of the locations Collins met with his Dublin Castle spies to gather information about the British Army’s operations.

Collins led the Irish rebels throughout the War using guerrilla attacks on the British forces. He knew that his men were far outnumbered and outgunned by the might of the British Army, so used short, sporadic attacks so as never to enter into lengthy periods of conflict and allow the British to wait for backup.

Much of the strategy employed by Collins was based upon intelligence gathered by his operatives working inside Dublin Castle.
He would have to meet these operatives in secret, as if either were spotted with one another then both would be arrested.

One of the safehouses used by Collins nearly a century ago is now a modern family home located in one of the most fashionable regions of Dublin.
It shows little clues as to the significance it played in the history of Ireland.
The current owners renovated and added an extention to the property in 2006. Although the house does still contain some of the original features such as high ceilings, fireplaces and bay windows.
The house will attract plenty of interest given its large 210 square metres space, and convenient location at just a short walk away from Clontarf Promenade.

However, the home does come with a hefty asking price of more than €1,000,000. It is being sold by agents daft.ie.

Written by Andrew Moore