Michael Collins’ hair to be sold at auction

A lock of hair taken from the body of Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins is expected to sell for €5,000 when it is auctioned later this month.

Background information on The Easter Uprising

Michael Collins Irish revolutionary leader in Easter UprisingThe auction, which is being held by Adam’s of St Stephen’s Street Dublin, is titled ‘800 Years – Irish Political, Military and Literary History’ and takes place on April 18th.

It will include several pieces of memorabilia from Irish history including a lock of Collins’ hair. A cotton swab which was used to clean his corpse will be sold at another auction, titled: ‘Ireland’s Struggle – Irish and Republican Memorabilia’, a week later.

The hair had belonged to Collin’s sister, Kitty Collins Sheridan. Kitty gave the hair to a friend in the late 1950s but the vendor for the upcoming auction is unknown.

The cotton swab was kept by nurse, Nessie Rogan, who used it to clean Collin’s face. It has stayed in her family ever since. It is expected to sell for €450-€600.

Collins played a prominent part in the Easter Rising of 1916. He was killed nearly 90 years ago during the Irish Civil War. He was shot in the head at Béal na mBláth in west Cork. His body was taken by sea to Dublin. He was embalmed at St Vincent’s Hospital and is now buried at Dublin City Hall.

Collins is one of the most iconic figures from the struggle for Irish independence.

Background information on The Easter Uprising