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Michael Bublé fights back a tear watching inspirational Irish video

We know Michael Bublé can get emotional performing some of his powerful songs…now we know he can also get tearful watching an inspiring video.

The Canadian singer has described how he felt a little overcome while watching a video urging people to stay strong during the coronavirus outbreak because we will rise again once it is all over.

Michael Bublé sheds a tear watching Irish video

The video, aptly named The Phoenix after the mythical bird that constantly renewed itself, was produced the Irish company the Tenth Man, based in Dublin. The script was written by copywriter Sarah Coffey and read by Eva Jane Gaffney.

It begins with the question: when will this all end. It then progresses through a mixture of entertaining, happy, sad but above all inspirational clips and images. The message is to stay at home and to stay safe, but more importantly it looks to when the coronavirus ends and, “Together We Will Rise Again.”

The video has gone viral across the world. Michael Bublé posted it on his Facebook page with the words: “I think I got flour in my eye.”

I think I got flour in my eye.

Posted by Michael Bublé on Wednesday, 22 April 2020

It seems Michael isn’t the only one to feel the video’s emotional message. It’s been viewed more than 800,000 times on YouTube.

Tenth man introduced it with the simple message: Together We Will Rise Again. Stay Safe. Stay Home. Stay Strong. You can see it here.

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