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Mia Farrow says she wants to retire to the West of Ireland

Hollywood legend Mia Farrow has announced that she intends to retire and move to the West of Ireland.

The Rosemary’s baby star is now 73 and made the announcement on Twitter earlier this month.

She said: “On a micro level, I have decided to retire and will be moving to the west of Ireland.”

Mia Farrow

On hearing the announcement, Irish people were quick to show their welcoming spirit – and also wondered where the star would be moving to.

When Farrow was asked where in Ireland she would be moving, she replied: “Maybe Donegal. Not too far from Cork.”

Of course, with the two counties on opposite sides of the country, some fans wondered whether she had brushed up on her geography.

However, she was pulling their leg and when some one told her Cork was the furthest county from Donegal she said: “Yes. Between the two ill find my house.”

Soon after the Irish public started to welcome Farrow, suggest other areas to settle and simply invite her round for a cup of tea.

Farrow is an American legend and was born in California, but she has Irish heritage.

Her mother Maureen O’Sullivan was born in Roscommon and went to school in Dublin. She later moved to the US where she became an actress and found fame playing Jane in the Tarzan series.

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