MCR1 – magazine for redheads a big hit around the world

A magazine aimed at people with red hair has proved hugely popular as flame-haired consumers around the world have subscribed to keep up-to-date with all things ginger.
MC1R is the name of the publication, which is produced in Germany, but is distributed all over the world.MCR1 - magazine for redheads
The name MC1R is a reference to the protein contained in the hormone that influences skin and hair colour within humans.
Readers of MC1R can enjoy articles about all sorts of things of relevance to redheads, such as ‘Ginger vs Red: The Great Debate’ and ‘Writing Red: A History of the Redhead’.
There are also features and interviews with numerous artists and photographers from around the world.
The creator of MC1R is 30-year-old redheaded lighting design student Tristan from Hamburg. He explained how the magazine came about on his website:
“In first there was the idea to realize a photography project with a few friends who all had red hair. After a few weeks I interviewed and photographed a few more people and got a few interesting points of view on this topic. Out of interest I looked into how much it would cost to print a few private copies of this collected work as a small magazine for the people who’ve been part of this project. It turned out that the print costs for 20 easy printed copies was very close to 500 copies in offset print, so I decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to see whether anyone else would be interested in reading something like this and there have been enough preorders to realize the idea.”
The first publication was printed in German, but due to an overwhelming demand from the US and other English speaking countries it was translated and the magazine is now printed in English. So far, there have been three issues published, and the expectancy is that there will be two issues per year from now on.
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