McGregor faces fight over ‘Notorious’ trademark for Irish whiskey

McGregor faces fight over ‘Notorious’ trademark for Irish whiskey

Irish UFC superstar Conor McGregor has another fight on his hands, this time in a legal dispute over the trademark name ‘Notorious’.
McGregor announced he would be “taking over” the Irish whiskey market following his megafight with the world’s best boxer Floyd Mayweather.
McGregor faces fight over ‘Notorious’ trademark for Irish whiskey
However, the Dublin fighter has faced some complications, in the form of a businessman named Seamus O’Hara, the founder of Carlow Brewing Company.
McGregor has been known as the ‘Notorious’ for a number of years in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He intended to cash in on his nickname by launching a ‘Notorious’ brand of Irish whiskey.
However, that is in dispute now, as O’Hara claims it could cause confusion with his own Notorious Red IPA pale ale, which was launched last year.
McGregor’s application to register the trademark Notorious for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with the European Union Intellectual Property Office has been opposed by O’Hara’s company.
It could prove to be a major stumbling block for McGregor’s plans, even leading to him being forced to change the name of his drinks.
Since his defeat to Mayweather, in what was the most lucrative fight in history, McGregor has been keen to invest his wealth into several new business ventures.
As well as the proposed ‘Notorious’ Irish whiskey, he also has plans to bring out his own clothing range, in collaboration with fashion designer David August Heil.
McGregor explained: “Fashion is something that I am truly passionate about, and I am excited to share exactly that with my fans by giving them a chance to share my iconic looks. I know the public will love what lies ahead.”

Written by Andrew Moore