McDonald’s left red faced after ‘Irish’ advert gaffe

McDonald's faced a backlash over their St Patrick's Day advert

Fast food giants McDonald’s were left reeling yesterday after their latest online advert caused a backlash in Ireland.
The high street burger chain are usually considered to be among the most successful advertisers in the world, with their ads capturing people’s imaginations and inspiring brand loyalty.

However, they dropped a clanger this week as they aimed to get into the Irish spirit and take advantage of the St Patrick’s Day market.

It seems they can’t tell symbols of Ireland from those of England or Scotland.
The Frankenstein style advert saw a man dressed in traditionally Scottish clothing standing in front of England’s Stonehenge and playing the Scottish bagpipes to celebrate Ireland’s St Patrick’s Day.
The English and Scots have plenty of heritage of their own, but surely creating the scene with Irish icons would have worked better for a St Patrick’s Day advert.
After all, some of the things Ireland is most famous for are the brilliant music, stunning scenery and fascinating historical landmarks, there’s no need to borrow any of those from across the Irish Sea.
One social media user said: “The music is Scottish pipes & the scene is Stonehenge in England.
“Maybe try again with Irish Uilleann pipes & an Irish setting?”
Take a look at the clip below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling