McAleese tells New York Times ‘Shame on you’ over J1 students story

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5 Responses

  1. Fred says:

    Hey Geraldine, the NY Times is anything but a liberal paper – they are owned by the infamous Koch brothers and are as conservative and insensitive as their owners

  2. Geraldine Callaghan says:

    Sadly, the Irish are fair game for insensitive remarks, insults and stereotyping and No One is held accountable. If we of Irish decent went out and rioted, looted, and destroyed property we may get noticed and you can be assured we would be held accountable for our actions. We obviously don’t have a prosecutor that ” feels our pain and will seek justice” for us. The NY Times is a biased liberal rag. How insensitive can they be in light of this tragedy to young people and their families. May they find solace and peace.

  3. Rosemary Burns says:

    As an Irish American Iam ashamed at American paper, or any other paper would b so insensitive to the losing of 6 lives. Shame on you!!

  4. Coreen says:

    The NY Times is nothing but a despicable rag. We grieve for your loss.

  5. mazie says:

    shame on you go after the people who own the building shame on them who own the building they are resbondville and shoul be hale accountable

    shame on you go shame the people who own the building they are responsible for thes deaths

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