Disney star leaves thoughtful hand-written message at Dublin restaurant

Maya Rudolph. Photo copyright MingleMediaTVNetwork CC2

Hollywood star Maya Rudolph delighted the owners of a Dublin restaurant when she left a thoughtful note at the table after her meal.

The Bridesmaids actress was dining at Juanitos in Drury Street and was so pleased with the quality of the food and service that she left a hand-written note thanking the staff.

It read: “Reka – what a pleasure to meet you! Tell Luca and Lauren I said hi!

“Love, Maya Rudolph (from Wine Country).”

The team at Juanitos were thrilled with the positive feedback, especially since it was coming from a Hollywood superstar.

They took a photo of the thoughtful note and posted it on their Instagram page.

The team at Juanitos said: “It was an honour to meet Maya Rudolph in Juanitos Drury Street today!

“She is an amazing actress, love her movies!

“Maya Rudolph, thank you for your autograph and thank you for dining with us.”

Rudolph is in Ireland filming Disenchanted, the sequel to the Disney movie Enchanted. Her co-stars include Hollywood A-lister Amy Adams and Grey’s Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey.

The production team have transformed the village of Enniskerry in Co Wicklow into a land fit for a Disney fairytale.

The arrival of Hollywood’s finest has definitely added a little energy into the town, and the locals have even set up a What’s App group to track the whereabouts of Hollywood hunk Dempsey.

Enniskerry councillor Rory O’Connor spoke to RTE’s Claire Byrne about the buzz in the town.

He said: “There’s a WhatsApp group set up by a few residents in Enniskerry to try and look out for Patrick Dempsey in costume and get a few selfies and have a good time.

“It’s like trying to find a unicorn – some people see him, some don’t, some people don’t believe it!”

While Dempsey is proving hard to find for the locals, the female cast members have been more accessible and O’Connor said Adams was happy to stop and talk to a “delighted” young girl dressed as a princess.

Rudolph is also immersing herself in Irish culture during her stay in the country.

As well as dining and socialising in Juanitos in Dublin, she has also taken a cruise around Howth on Ireland’s Eye Ferries.

The staff onboard were equally thrilled to have such a famous passenger and also took to social media to share their news.

They posted on Instagram: “We welcomed actor Maya Rudolph and her family on board today as she took a break from filming Disney’s Disenchanted.

“They really enjoyed the scenery Howth has to offer. @visitdublin @visit.howth #disenchanted.”

Filming is set to continue in Enniskerry for the next few weeks, and Disenchanted is expected to be ready for release in 2022.