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Love Island contestant explains Irish slang terms

Love Island finalist Maura Higgins has created a video to explain Irish slang words to a British audience.

The Longford model has become a well-known face in the UK after her stint in the Love Island villa with millions of viewers on both side of the Irish Sea tuning in to see which romantic relationships could stand the pressure of the show.

Love Island contestant explains Irish slang terms

Higgins became a popular contestant with audiences, thanks to her quick wit and use of various Irish phrases.

Once out of the villa, she was invited by Capital FM radio to get back in front of the cameras to produce a summary of what some of the Irish slang terms she uses actually mean.

Some phrases such as ‘banjaxed’ and ‘acting the maggot’ are explained, with references to other contestants on the Love Island villa to help viewers gain some context.

As could be expected from the Love Island contestant, there are also one or two Irish terms of a more adult nature, that Higgins sheepishly explains.

Take a look at the video for yourself.

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