Matthew McConaughey shows off his Irish skills

Matthew McConaughey shows off his Irish skills. Photo copyright Avda CC3

Oscar winning movie star Matthew McConaughey showed off his Irish skills when he joined Dermot and Dave on Today FM.
The Dallas Buyer’s Club actor was up for the craic as he joined in with some of the classic Irish phrases as well as treating listeners to his own signature line – in Irish.

McConaughey joined Today FM hosts Dermot and Dave on the phone and chatted about his own Irish heritage, with both his parents coming from Irish emigrant families in the US.
The duo then told McConaughey that they believed his famous Wolf of Wall Street line “Alright, alright, alright!” is more of a state of mind and a way of dealing with the everyday stresses of life.
They played him a song they had created which featured the famous line, and McConaughey gave is his seal of approval, adding that if it went on to make a load of money he would want to get his fair share!
Take a look at the interview below.

Written by Andrew Moore