Matt Damon could see himself living in Ireland in the future

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Hollywood legend Matt Damon has revealed he would consider moving to Ireland with his family in the future after they spent three months living in Dalkey during lockdown.

The Bourne Identity star spent much of the last 12 months in Ireland as he was filming the Ridley Scott historic drama The Last Duel.

The movie was filmed in France and Ireland although shortly after arriving in Ireland the production had to be shut down due to the covid lockdown.

Instead of travelling home to the US, Damon and his family decided to use the enforced break as a holiday and immersed themselves in Irish life.

The actor spoke to Marc Maron about his experience in Dalkey.

He said: “It was so f***ing great.”

The podcast host asked him if he would ever consider moving to another country permanently and Damon was open to the idea of his family living in Ireland in the future.

The Departed star answered: “Probably in the back of my head.

“Like I definitely, when we did the lockdown, we started the lockdown in Ireland because we were shooting a movie…

“We loved it there so much and I was kind of in the back of my head, ‘I could move here. I could live here.’ It’s beautiful.

“I got very lucky. We were shooting this movie that’s going to come out later in the year called the Last Duel and half of it we shot in France and half in Ireland.

“We just finished the French part of our schedule, we finished that and then the crew travelled to Ireland. Landed in Ireland and shut down.

“We stayed for three months. Because we got there and we’d rented all of these houses in this town, it was about a fifteen-minute drive to the studio, it was this beautiful little town.

“So the actors and Ridley Scott was directing, everybody rented a place.

“Well everybody left and so I was there, I kind of looked around and we had a few people in our little group and we were like, ‘well we’ve got all these houses for three months’ so we just moved into these houses and just kind of took it over and had just the best time, the best time.”