Love-in continues as Matt Damon has a cocktail named after him by Dublin bar

Love-in continues as Matt Damon has a cocktail named after him by Dublin bar

Honorary Irishman Matt Damon was delighted to hear that he has a cocktail named after him in a Dublin bar.

Damon spent several months living in Dalkey during the covid lockdown.

The Bourne Identity star was already staying in Ireland while filming the Ridley Scott directed The Last Duel. When the pandemic caused everything to be shut down he decided to stay put rather than travel home to America.

During his stay Damon became somewhat of a local celebrity in and around Dalkey. He is one of the world’s biggest film stars after all.

He mingled with the locals and embraced the Irish culture and way of life. He has become a popular figure in Ireland and has always spoken about how much he enjoyed his stay.

With the mutual love between Damon and Ireland it is no surprise that Dalkey bar DeVilles has decided to honour him with a cocktail.

The ‘Matt Damon’ is a deliciously refreshing sip perfect to enjoy in the summer sun.

Damon was recently interviewed by and was told about his namesake drink.

The star was delighted with the news and seemed genuinely flattered to have been honoured in this way.

He said: “Stop it! Really? Oh my God, that is awesome!”

He was then told that the ingredients of a ‘Matt Damon’ are gin, Cointreau, pink grapefruit, lime and mint.

The Hollywood star took a moment to think about that before concluding: “It sounds very light and summery, it sounds like a nice summer beverage!”

There was more good news for Damon as the interviewer then told him that thanks to his stay in Ireland last year he has effectively been given a new title by the public, Matt Damon: Irish Man.

Damon was as charming and gracious as always and replied: “I’ll even accept honorary status, that would be a real honour and privilege.”

He went on to discuss his latest movie Stillwater, in which he plays an American oil worker who travels to France to try and exonerate his daughter who is in prison for murder.

You can watch the interview in full below.