Marathon runner ends race with proposal to girlfriend

Marathon runner ends race with proposal to girlfriend

A runner in the London Marathon stunned his girlfriend after he completed the race by getting down on one knee and proposing.
The romantic scene was captured on video and has become an online hit.

Liam Joliff was greeted at the end of his gruelling 26 mile run by his girlfriend Sarah.
However, instead of falling into her arms and supping on some energy drinks, he bent down on his knee in front of her and pulled a ring out of his pocket.
Sarah is visibly moved by the romantic gesture and is unsure whether or not to take him seriously.
Eventually she realises it is a real proposal and accepts before the two embrace and share a kiss.
They are joined in celebration by friend and family, and cheered on by the thousands of race fans surrounding them.
Take a look at the heart-warming video below.

Written by Andrew Moore