Man sheds half his weight after ditching Guinness

Guinness. Photo Copyright - Ireland Calling

A 22 stone man managed to lose half his body weight in under a year after giving up Guinness.

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Clive Horton set about his weight loss programme in January when his weight peaked at 22 and-a-half- stone.

He was waiting to undergo a double knee replacement operation but was told by the doctors that he would need to lose some weight before they could perform surgery.

After receiving encouragement from his managers, Chris decided to change his lifestyle and slim down.
As well as drinking Guinness the 50-year-old also ate too much fast food. He said: “I used to live on McDonald’s and KFC.

“Then at the weekend I’d have up to 14 pints of Guinness. Over the years that takes its toll and last January I was over 22 stone.”

That was when things changed. The Guinness and fast food were replaced with a healthy, well balanced diet. Chris also joined the gym and trained five days a week.

He said: “My personal trainer Danni Carr was amazing. She was firm but fair, and put me on a new healthy diet. To begin with I’d be going to the gym five times a week for about an hour each time and the weight began to come off.”
Clive, who works for a printing firm in Manchester, England, had his first knee operation in September and has now reached a healthy weight of 11st 12 lbs. he is due to have the second op in Spring.

Clive said: ““I feel so much better than I did this time last year. I managed to lose weight before, but I’m determined to keep it off this time.”

Despite missing his Guinness, Clive says that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle far outweigh the joys of a pint of the black stuff.