Could Niall Horan keep up with Lorraine Kelly on night out?

Lorraine Kelly and Niall Horan

Irish superstar Niall Horan saw his hard-drinking prowess challenged by an unlikely rival during a recent UK TV appearance.

Popular Scottish star Lorraine Kelly threw down the gauntlet by stating she could drink singers Horan and Lewis Capaldi ‘under the table’.

Horan was appearing on Kelly’s ITV breakfast show via video link, ahead of the release of his solo album Heartbreak Weather.

Lorraine Kelly and Niall Horan

Kelly suggested that when the coronavirus pandemic had died down that they should go for a night out along with Scottish star Capaldi.

She then added that she would drink the two young fellas under the table.

Horan and Capaldi are good friends and the pair have become known for their wild partying.

However, the friendly presenter felt that she would be able to match the pair – and then some.

She told Horan: “When all of this is over, we’re going to have the mother of all parties. You, me and Lewis Capaldi, we are there!”

Horan was keen to take her up on the offer but warned: “We’ll be having it large, come on Lorraine!”

An unfazed Kelly replied: “You bet, I’ll drink the two of you under the table!”

Horan was not going to back down and said: “Challenge accepted.”

Elsewhere in the interview the former One Direction star spoke about his album and song writing process.

He told Kelly: “When I’m writing my lyrics I try and be as vulnerable as I can and try to make them a relatable as possible.

“We know from history the greatest songwriters have been the story tellers and the ones that can be the most relatable to the people.”

Take a look at the video below.