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Live on TV – Irish lad tells his Mam he had tattoo

A brave young Irish lad revealed to his mother live on TV that he had a tattoo while on holiday with his mates.
The unexpected confession came from Co Louth fella Matthew Nolan who was enjoying a lads’ holiday in Magaluf.
Live on TV - Irish lad tells his Mam he had tattoo
He revealed that one of the catchphrase on the island this year has been “Despacito”, the name of the Justin Bieber hit and one of the summer’s most played songs.
Matthew decided to have the word tattooed on his body to mark the holiday, a decision he made after consuming several drinks of course.
By chance, British TV channel ITV had a reporter and camera crew in Magaluf at the same time. They were there to make a documentary about people getting tattoos whilst drunk on holiday and regretting them later on.
Matthew allowed the team to film him having his tattoo done, and even agreed to do a phone interview the next morning on live TV.
He then broke the news to his mother Geraldine back home in Drogheda about his new ink, and she took it surprisingly well.
She even managed to embarrass her boy by revealing that he is a huge Justin Bieber fan.
Take a look at the videos for yourself.

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