Galway villages appeal to people to come and live amongst them

Galway villages appeals to people come and live amongst them

A collection of small villages in Galway has created a campaign inviting people to come to live and work in their community.

Conamara Láir consists of several small villages along the Conamara coastline in Galway.

It is being advertised as one of the best places in the world to live and work.

The campaign was launched on 16th July, the day of the annual Lá Mhic Dara festival which sees many Irish people living abroad return to their homeland to celebrate Irish culture and visit friends and family.

The festival could not take place this year due to the covid pandemic, but it was still celebrated online by Irish people all around the world.

It also served as a great kickstart for the Conamara Láir community. They created a campaign showcasing the wonderful quality of life and opportunities available in the area.

The group said: “A warm welcome awaits those who wish to return home or those who wish to change their lives and relocate here when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

“A fantastic work life balance is available in this area which provides enterprise prospects from its gteic facility, which is part of a national digital hub network, providing many opportunities for local people, new businesses and those who wish to work remotely.”

Galway is famed for its beautiful coastline and scenery and its vibrant city packed with music, food and culture.

Although it is a popular spot for tourists to visit, the local authority now also wants to attract people to come and set up their lives in Galway and have partnered with Conamara Láir on the campaign.

Mícheál Ó hÉanaigh works for Údarás na Gaeltachta, and said: “Tá muid ag fanacht leat – We are waiting for you – that is the strong message from Conamara Láir today.

“Conamara Láir is an historic and scenic area in which to live and start a business in and we are looking at innovative ways to attract people to live in the area.

“The success of the gteic digital hubs over the past year has shown that you can connect with anywhere in the world from rural areas, areas with a better quality of life.”

Local resident and member of the Conamara Láir organisation Máirín Ní Choisdealbha Seoige added: “Conamara Láir is one of Ireland’s cultural gems and despite ongoing challenges such as emigration and a decline in population the area has seen a revival in recent years.

“This proud community has not lost its confidence or spirit and we want to showcase to the world the wonderful opportunities and future this area can provide to people who wish to move home or relocate to Conamara Láir.

“We have a big future ahead and there are many opportunities for people to change and improve their lives.”

If you would like to know more about the campaign and the local area then email [email protected].