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Irish folk singer's 'Lidl and Aldi song' is hilarious

An Irish singer songwriter entertained his friends and family in the local pub with a song about the wonders to be found in Lidl and Aldi.
Mick MacConnell began his performances by standing up in front of the crowd and telling them his wife had recently injured her leg and he had to do the shopping.
Irish folk singer's 'Lidl and Aldi song' is hilarious
He then broke into song about his experiences shopping in the two German-owned budget supermarkets.
To begin with, all was going well for Mick as he managed to do the weekly shop and come home with all sorts of bargains from a cordless drill to a wetsuit from Japan.
Mick uses the names Lidl and Aldi to end each verse with a typical Irish folk ditty.
As the song goes on things take a turn for the worse as Mick finds himself with all sorts of items at home and no money to his name.
It is a situation that many shoppers will have experienced themselves.
It results with his wife taking back the job of the weekly shop and poor Mick in the doghouse.
The song struck a chord with the locals in John B Keane’s Bar in Co Kerry.
It also proved to be hugely popular online and has been viewed more than 600,000 times on YouTube.
Take a look for yourself below.

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