Liam Neeson urges council to restore The Quiet Man cottage

The Quiet Man cottage as it stands now

Liam Neeson has become the latest movie star to give his support to a campaign to save the Quiet Man cottage.

Neeson sent a personal message to a Facebook page that had been set up to campaign to restore the cottage to its former glory.
The Quiet Man starred Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne and is one of the best loved Irish movies of all time.
The Quiet Man cottage as it stands now
The iconic cottage – which is called White O’Morn – that featured prominently on the film is now in ruins. Today all that is left is a stone wall and a big pile of rubble.
This is very disappointing for thousands of tourists who visit to the village of Cong in Co Mayo every year to see where the movie was filmed.
There is a replica of the cottage in Cong, but for many people it just isn’t quite enough and they would love to see the real cottage – which is 11 miles away – standing proud again.
Last year a local man named Patrick McCormick started a petition urging Galway Council to put the cottage on the Protected Structures list.
The campaign immediately generated support and the petition was even signed by O’Hara, the leading lady of the movie. In late 2014, the petition achieved its aim and the cottage was added to the Protected Structures list.
Now Neeson has written to McCormick’s Facebook page, White O’Morn Cottage, to say how important the cottage is to him.
Replica of the Quiet Man Cottage - copyright Ireland Calling
Neeson wrote: “John Ford’s classic film ‘The Quiet Man’ taps into our uniqueness as a race. Not only is it glorious entertainment, it reveals something of our indomitable will as a people.
“It has and will continue to leave a lasting impression on me, my family and millions of classic film fans around the world.
“It was with joy that I learned that the film’s cottage and site was recently put under State protection, pending a second vote by Galway County Council in July and that the cottage may be restored to its former glory. It has been lying in ruins for many years.
“This little piece of movie architecture would then shine like a beacon for many generations to come, delighting thousands of tourists with its simple magic and standing as a monument to the great Irish grit, perseverance and welcoming charm that we are known for worldwide.”
Recently work was completed on a €47m refurbishment on Ashford Castle in Cong where many of the cast stayed during the shooting of the film. If the council can restore White O’Morn to its former glory it would certainly help to attract tourism from The Quiet Man fans.