The least sexy city in the world is in Ireland

The least sexy city in the world is in Ireland

Cork has been named the ‘least sexy’ city in the world.

That is according to a survey carried out by Lazevva, who describes itself as a ‘sex positive’ (whatever that means?) app.

The least sexy city in the world is in Ireland

Least sexy cities

1. Cork – Ireland
2. Bratislava – Slovakia
3. Belgrade – Serbia
4. Graz – Austria
5. Linz – Austria
6. Salzberg – Austria
7. Toyko – Japan
8. Milan – Italy
9. Hannover – Germany
10. Chennai – India

They asked their users from all around the world which global city they considered the most and the least ‘sexy’.

All sorts of criteria were used in the rankings, from sexually satisfied, experimentation and access to contraception, to gender equality and friendliness to the LGBT community.

Well unfortunately for Cork, it came bottom of the entire list, making it the ‘least sexy’ city in the world.

Dublin ranked at number 61, which is fairly unremarkable either way.

World’s sexiest cities

1. Paris – France
2. Rio De Janerio – Brazil
3. London – England
4. Los Angeles – USA
5. Berlin – Germany
6. New York – USA
7. Sao Paulo – Brazil
8. Las Vegas – USA
9. Ibiza – Spain
10. Amsterdam – Netherlands

It will come as no surprise that Paris ‘the city of love’ was named number one sexy city in the world.

Rio De Janeiro, London, Los Angeles and Berlin made up the top five.

On the other end of the scale Cork came bottom in the entire world. Bratislava and Belgrade made up the bottom three, before three Austrian cities in a row came in at fourth, fifth and sixth – there is something not very sexy about Austria apparently.

So not great news for Cork. The city has given us sporting legends like Sonia O’Sullivan and Roy Keane, and showbiz stars such as Graham Norton and Cillian Murphy.

And of course Cork was the home county of one of the greatest Irishmen of all time, Michael Collins.

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