Lads show no mercy as pal falls face first into pond

Lads show no mercy as pal falls face first into pond

A group of lads on stag party got the laugh of the weekend when one of them fell face first into a pond.

The unfortunate incident took place in Westport, Co Mayo, as the gang were enjoying a round of footgolf, which is a merge of the sports football and golf.
Lads show no mercy as pal falls face first into pond

The aim of the game is to kick a football around a golf course, with each hole having an extra-large target for the larger ball.

As with all golf courses, this one is littered with hazards for the players to negotiate, most notably this freshwater pond surrounded by slippery mud banks.

Jordan Clarke spotted the potential hilarity of the situation when he saw a couple of his pals had to kick their balls from dangerously close to the edge of the water.

He set his phone on record and watched as one by one the players safely kicked their balls back onto the safety of the green.

That is all except Alex Dunne, who failed to approach the water’s edge with the necessary caution, and fell face first into the pond.

The accident was witnessed by all the lads on the stag do, and just as you could expect from your mates, they all fall about laughing at the misfortune of poor Alex.

Jordan described the fall as “the laugh of the weekend”!

The video was posted online and unsurprisingly has captured the attention. The fall itself is funny, but the reaction of the other lads is even better.

Take a look for yourself.

Written by Andrew Moore