The Killers praise emotional performance of their song in Irish pub

Great video showing people singing Killers song at an Irish wake is approved by the band

A video of a large group of people singing a classic Killers song in tribute to their friend at his funeral has gone viral – and even caught the attention of the band themselves.

The video has been described as displaying many of the great things about life in Ireland and community spirit in the Irish pub.

The wake took place at Falvey’s Bar, Killorglin, Co Kerry and the whole pub took part in the sing-along with passion, warmth and high spirits that show the strong bond within the community.

Great video showing people singing Killers song at an Irish wake is approved by the band

They were led by singer Brian O’Sullivan who stood on the bar and paid tribute to his friend Ger ‘Farmer’ Foley who had passed away following a battle with cystic fibrosis.

O’Sullivan told his fellow mourners that there was no better song to see off their friend with than the Killers’ Mr Brightside.

With that, he began singing the song – and before long everybody in the pub was belting it out along with him.

It is a really heart-warming video and the sight of the crowd of people singing their hearts out with such passion and community spirit can make you feel as if you sharing the moment with them.

O’Sullivan’s performance would have been enough to make the Killers’ frontman Brandon Flowers proud, as he worked the crowd and even ended up taking his top off and swinging over his head.

In fact, thanks to the video going viral, it was actually seen by the American band who tweeted their approval.

In their message they wrote ‘may we all have friends like this’. It is a sentiment that would be echoed by most people who have watched the video.

The video was filmed by Tim Clifford who told “Ger loved Killorglin, and Killorglin loved him back.

“As can be seen by the passion in the video, that was all for Ger. Not one for the limelight but he would get a kick out of how his wake has captured the attention of people, and would smile at the thought of Brandon Flowers seeing Brian O’Sullivan on top of the counter in Falveys Bar, belting out Mr Brightside.”

Ger’s friend Shane McElroy told: “That song in Falvey’s Bar is sung every New Year’s Eve, and it was appropriate to do it for Ger.

“Brandon Flowers has given us some happy times in there so we’d be delighted if he saw it, and even happier again if he ever wanted to visit us in Killorglin to help the fight against Cystic Fibrosis.”

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