Parents think their kids are ‘too busy’ to help out around the house

Parents think their kids are 'too busy' to help out around the house

Only one in three Irish parents get their children to help out with household tasks, even though 83% admit they used to help their parents when they were young.

A survey was carried out by parenting website and it found that parents are now giving their kids an easier life than previous generations.

Parents think their kids are 'too busy' to help out around the house

They asked 1,000 parents about the distribution of household chores and 67% said they didn’t get their kids to help because they were too busy with homework and other activities.

It also found that 88% of parents claim they were more stressed with daily home life than their own parents were.

Laura Erskine from said that parents should be encouraging their kids to help out around the house.

She said: “It’s a really good life-affirming skill. It build confidence, it teaches children to be responsible, and of course Mums and Dads today are busier than ever with balancing home and work life, so actually involving your children in those everyday tasks really will contribute to a much smoother running home.”

Other points of interest from the study were the most and least popular tasks around the house.

“Vacuuming is reported as one of the most favourite chores for our young children,” said Erskine.

“And food preparation – they really enjoy getting involved in helping with mealtimes.

“Unfortunately laundry is probably the least popular task for parents, and tidying a child’s bedroom is a child’s least favourite task.”

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